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Monday, 21 April 2014

Oliver's Bath Brush Beating

At Straight Lads Spanked: Oliver's life keeps on getting worse! This time he has stooped really low and took his mothers engagement ring to the Pawn Shop. His father found out and was not just furious but heart broken.

The punishment had to match the crime and Oliver is given a hard hand spanking. That is not the end though...

Oliver has to fetch the dreaded bath brush and he feels the devastating effect as every whack leaves a mark on his sore bruised bottom.
 At first Oliver denies all ...
 if fact he starts out really arrogant and cocky..... 
 But then Dad finds the pawn ticket and Oliver realises the game is up
 He knows he is in big trouble.
 Oliver phones his Mother hoping she will persuade his Dad not to punish him ...
 But he's out of luck
 Over Dad's knee ...
 ... for a stinging hand spanking ...
 .... and then the bath brush!!

Warning - This Movie Contains Scenes Of Harsh Punishment

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter From Straight Lads Spanked!

Andy Lee

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Oliver - Bath Brush Beating

Already In The Top 10 Movie List!
I am not sure I have ever had such an immediate response to any movie I have released before. In less than 48 hours of it's release the members votes has already put this movie into the top ten list. In fact it's currently ranking at number 7 of the all time favourite movies!
With only one exception, every single member that has voted so far has gone for 10/10!

The preview movie is now up and you can view it by clicking here!

So here are some of the comments so far about this movie!

"""Wow!! This has become my favorite clip and I've only watched half of it. First of all Oliver has a great body and a nice ass. Add the fact that this is a great father/son scenario in which Oliver gets it from his father makes this even better. I often fantasize about exactly what Oliver is getting...that and giving it to a guy like Oliver. This is a great video that I will watch over and over again."""

"""this tops all the movies so far, im a fan of Oliver and i think this was the best spanking movie i have seen him in, emotion performance, may i add and the pain he must have gone through, thanks Oliver you are a star and thanks Dave for the fantastic story line and the presentation of this move 10 out of 10 for me"""

""""WoW what can I say about this film, it's the best one you and Oliver have done so far. Oliver's acting in the first part of the film was first class, the build up to the spanking was so well done. The story was very well thorght out , by the start of the bath brush spanking Oliver was a very sorry young man. Thank you so much to Oliver for making it through that bath brush spanking that must have taken a lot. Dave that's what I call a spanking movie. I don't know how you will top this one, but I am so looking forward to see you try. Thank you so much for making this film' Dave, Oliver and Art."""

"""There was so much emotion and a believable story line I really felt sorry for Oliver at the end. Great job Oliver you held your own and Dad you sure can dish it out This one is going to be hard to beat"""

"""I have to say that this one is probably the harshest of the what, five others now? I think Bailey had a slight edge as to severity, but that was also due to the technical glitches that occurred that required re-shoots. For an ongoing episode I think Oliver takes the lead and how in the world he got through that is a mystery. Oliver has the great talent to really place himself in what he is playing but being able to hold to the character in this one was just....amazing. Well done to all, as usual."""

"""Kudos to all three of you! The story line, acting, and editing were great. Thank yall so much for this one. Looking forward to all the new videos ... it's like Xmas every Friday!!"""

"""WOW this movie made me feel so sorry for oliver. Yep i have to say seeing oliver emotions come out & he started crying i started crying cuz i felt so sorry for him. I think this was better then Bailey's bath brush movie & i'm a big fan of bailey's so that is saying something :) ... great story line & Oliver did an outstanding job taking the bath brush.."""

Real Punishment - Dale the Money waster

Irresponsible Straight Lad Dale has spent all his wages, he dare not go home, he turns to Mr X who takes up the story:

 "What happened next was just crazy! Dale went out with his wages in his pocket and quite simply over a course of 24 hours spent it all! On Booze, Gambling and this naughty straight lad even went to a Lap Dancing Club!

I got a call the following morning from Dale in a desperate state! I offered him a chance to earn his money back!

He literally had not been home and turned up wearing the same clothes he had left in the day before....

Of course there had to be punishment! Dale received a tough bare bottom spanking

followed by the Chinese Birch

followed by the belt

then the Cane!

Dale has been looking after his money a lot better since!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Lee Brothers - Birthday Spanking

 Birthday Spanking - Andy & Patrick

It's birthday time for the Lee brothers!  Having birthdays only days apart the group of friends they belong to have decided to send them for their annual birthday spanking together!

Both brothers have to endure the paddle and cane over jeans, boxers and finally bare bottom!